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  • shanghai int medical instruments co., ltd.-j9九游会官网

    changing company name from “shanghai kindly medical instruments co., ltd. to “shanghai int medical instruments co., ltd. 

  • entering the field of exosomes
    formation of a wholly-owned subsidiary “shanghai int biotech co., ltd.
  • entering the field of urological intervention

    formation of a wholly-owned subsidiary “shandong int medical instruments co., ltd.” and “shanghai yikai medical instruments co., ltd.”

    holding subsidiary “shanghai pulin medical instruments co., ltd. ” and “shanghai puyue medical instruments co.,ltd.”

    archieved national "specialized, refined, special, new" little giant enterprise

  • zhuhai dr medical industrial park starts construction
    hongqiao international innovative medical device industrial park starts construction
  • on nov. 8th, kdl medical was listed on the main board of hong kong stock exchange
  • first fda certificate 
    achieved shanghai science and technology little giant enterprise
  • achieved shanghai "specialized, refined, special, new" enterprise
  • reformed to limited corporation structure
  • join of strategic partners
  • entered the us market
    achieved high and new tech enterprise
    acquisition of wonderful research institute to acquire complete tooling and injection processing capabilities
  • entered the international market
  • company established