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the distal access catheter is indicated for use in facilitating the insertion and guidance of appropriately sized interventional devices into a selected blood vessel in the peripheral and neurovascular systems.

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1、inner layer of coiling enables superb kink resistance.
2、outer layer of braiding enhances the torqueability for vessel selection.
3、hybrid of braiding and coiling ensures pushability and crossability.
4、steam shapability over the tip capable of good shape retention.
5、rounded tip for atraumatic and smooth catheter advancement.
6、platiniridium marker band provides visualization during tracking.
7、strong radial strength provides enough supportive force, combining large lumen enables this catheter to be used as an aspiration catheter.
8、super flexible distal segment gives catheters the ability of crossing tortuous anatomy.
9、up to 9 segmented catheter body provides smooth transition from proximal to distal tip.

ref no.distal o.d.proximal o.d.distal i.d.
proximal i.d.
ph-gc-01-022.1662.1661.80 1.80 100
ph-gc-02-022.1662.1661.80 1.80 115
ph-gc-03-022.1662.1661.80 1.80 125