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shanghai kindly medical instruments co., ltd.-j9九游会官网

aid to diagnosis and or deliver therapeutic devices to nero vasculature or peripheral vasculature lesion.

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1、shapeable tip and its shape retention aids the selection during advancement in neurovasculature.
2、hydrophilic coating for increased lubricity enhances catheter tracjing.
3、hybrid stainless steel and niti core combines kink-resistance, support and pushability features.
4、unique welding technology ensures smooth transition from stainless steel to niti core.

ref no.o.d.lengthcore material
ph-mg-01-001-ss0.250.010 200cm304 ss
ph-mg-01-002-ss0.250.010 300cm304 ss
ph-mg-02-001-ss0.350.014200cm304 ss
ph-mg-02-002-ss0.350.014 300cm304 ss
ph-mg-01-001-nt0.250.010 200cm304 ss niti
ph-mg-01-002-nt0.250.010 300cm304 ss niti
ph-mg-02-001-nt0.350.014200cm304 ss niti
ph-mg-02-002-nt0.350.014 300cm304 ss niti