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shanghai kindly medical instruments co., ltd.-j9九游会官网

for medical institutions to pressurize and depressurize the balloon expansion catheter during interventional procedures to expand and retract the balloon, and to monitor and control the pressure of the balloon.

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  • the pressure range is 20atm, 30atm and 40atm, the volume is 20ml and 40ml, the length of extension tube is 300mm and 600mm, a variety of specifications to facilitate the selection of different types of clinical surgery.

  • the pressure accuracy of 0.1 atm makes it easy for the operator to control the balloon pressure precisely.

  • the timing function facilitates precise control of the drug balloon dilation time by the operator.

  • customized high pressure sensors for more accurate monitoring of pressure.

  • the push-to-unlock structure makes it easier to deflate pressure.

  • 1.5 times pitch design (compared with previous generation) for faster inflation.

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