shanghai kindly medical instruments co., ltd.-j9九游会官网
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shanghai kindly medical instruments co., ltd.-j9九游会官网


in 2017, shanghai kindly medical instruments co., ltd.’s shareholding group, kdl group has been founded for 30 years. on december 26th, kdl group hold several activities with the theme of “strived for the past 30 years, sailing towards kdl’s new ear” to demonstrate the past honorable milestones in the history of development.
lots of experts from various industries sent genuinely congratulations to kdl group’s managers on event and demonstrated confidence in the upcoming future industrial bloom in the 4 hours length morning forum on 26th.

shanghai kindly medical instruments’ chairman and general manager, dr liang kongke gave a speech about “the r&d and manufacturing cooperation between doctors and factories” and showed confidence in the immense potential of this cooperation.

kdl’s managers and employees has strived 30 years to support the development of china’s health industry with hard-work, consistency, and innovation concepts. all the employees are committed to continue serving this mission and heading into a new era of kdl with full speed.