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shanghai int medical instruments co., ltd.-j9九游会官网


to all business partners,


we are delighted to share an important update with you regarding our company's brand identity.


effective from december 20, 2023, with the approval of local authority, our company name has been officially changed from “shanghai kindly medical instruments co., ltd.” to “shanghai int medical instruments co., ltd.”  (“our company”). 


consequently, our previous “kdl” logo will be replaced by a new “int” logo. please be assured that while the name and logo have been changed, our core services and products quality remain intact. the production address and bank information of our company remain unchanged. 


all contracts and agreements signed before our rebranding, under the name of “shanghai kindly medical instruments co., ltd.”, remain in full force and effect without any change to the terms and conditions.


this change marks a significant milestone in our journey. sincere thanks for your consistent support and cooperation. we are confident that our new identity will bring a stronger alignment with our strategic goals and enable us to serve you even better in the future.


yours faithfully,



shanghai int medical instruments co., ltd.

no. 925, jinyuan yi road, 201803, shanghai, china


december 28, 2023